Why you must have a 35mm lens.

A year and a half back, just before I was supposed to go to Delhi to shoot an engagement, I decided to pick up a new lens. My choices were between the 85mm and a 35mm, and as it happens with the Indian rituals, it’s better to shoot these events from up close rather than a distance. So I opted to pick up the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 AFS lens.

Here’s why you should pick this one up to start with instead of a 50mm like I did. 

1. Since most of us use a APS-C sensor camera, a 35mm is very close to the 50mm on a Full Frame camera. It makes more sense to have this one than the 50mm as the latter is equivalent to 75mm (a short tele) on our cropped sensor cameras..

2. Nikon’s 35mm f/1.8 AFS is super fast at focussing, and with the D7000 it is like the two were meant to be together.

3. The Silent Wave Motor results in a Quiet Autofocus, and if you decide to shoot a video with the AF on, it doesn’t add the noise that one gets when using the 50mm f/1.8 AF.

4. The images are very sharp and even works pretty well at f/1.8, although if you like to have pretty bokehs, this might not be the best of the lot. (Usually longer the focal length, more beautiful the bokehs)

5. The 35mm does have a shallow DOF for close ups, but when at a slight distance most of the subject will be in focus so we don’t need to step down to a smaller aperture.

6. Not to mention this Nikon lens is quite light and a prime lens!

7. If you compare it with the 50mm 1.8 AFS, this one is slightly cheaper, also AFS is faster than the AF. Not to forget since Nikon has stopped adding motors to the body of the entry level DSLR, to have the Auto Focus function you will need to pick up an AFS lens.

From the time I have picked it up this has been my walk around lens, I have shots concerts and weddings with this one. This lens feels more natural to shoot with than the 50mm and I pretty much swear by this one.

Though you should keep in mind the pictures have some Barrel Distortion, but then it’s nothing Photoshop can’t fix.


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