#PUMALovesVinyl Sounds of 2014

PUMA’s 3rd edition of PUMALovesVinyl took place on Saturday at Bandra Amphitheatre. #PUMALovesVinyl Also it’s been a while since I shot my last gig, Ragasthan 2014, the line up was one I just had to shoot. Unohu, Your Chin, Prateek Kuhad, Skrat and of course Scribe headlining the act, this was pretty much a bunch of indie bands I’ve recently gotten into.   Here’s some pictures from the gig: Unohu: One of the youngest bands on the stage, and they have just released their EP ‘Asunder’ go give it a listen. Unohu Prateek Kuhad: First song I heard of his was Raat Raazi, and sadly the setlist missed this track, but none the less he sang some beautiful songs. Prateek Kuhad and Band Your Chin: been following Raxit for a while now, all the way from Medusa, Sky Rabbit to his solo project Your Chin. Honestly I did feel he should have opened the night. Your Chin Skrat: The boys from Chennai with a back up Bass player, pretty much nailed it. Quite showy on the stage and witty dialogues definitely makes these badass samurais an act you ought to catch live. Skrat Scribe: The first gig I shot almost three and a half years back, had Scribe in the lineup. That was the first time I saw them live and my love for them increased tremendously. Their sets are always power packed, but the only question is why would we label them as the sound of 2014. Scribe Overall It was one hell of a gig, indie scene is growing and how. What comes next is even more exciting! In a few month the new #PUMALovesVinyl will be out and shipped to me and I can’t wait to listen to it at our BYOV nights.


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